The technology and security used as the base of ubiquitous society are supported.i-Cynap,Co.LTD.


i-Cynap is a company which realizes and also solves "I liking to do such a thing", whether "whether such a thing to be made", etc.
The laboratory of a university, the research institute of a company, IT development company

There is know-how which the laboratory of a university or the research institute of a company to the developer of IT development company or an individual cultivated in collaboration with various specialists of an IT sector.
With those technology, I do the optimal proposal for a visitor. First of all Please consult.

Surveillance study
  • ・KThe Keio University environment information faculty Takefuji laboratory Thermal energy conversion Those joint research
  • ・i-Cynap,Co.LTD. is performing collaboration with the cooperation company.
Product &Joint research development Resource
  • ・It is people which help problem solving together together with i-Cynap,Co.LTD.
  • ・Support and an organization, a company

The "dream" of a company and "new business" are realized at i-Cynap,Co.LTD.

A product, Investigation relation Various kinds of market research and research on a new device are done at i-Cynap,Co.LTD.
Web Server Operation survey The operation actual condition is investigated focusing on Web Server of a listed company, and optimization is proposed.
Thermal energyDevelopment of equipment i-Cynap,Co.LTD. Development of equipment Professor Mr.Takefuji and joint research of Keio University to which development of equipment was introduced by the door of the dream.
Development of an inclusion device Development of the information terminal using WindowsCE or Embedded. It supports from development of the device which makes Ether connection using a microcontroller to mass production. The LAN construction which uses existing apparatus is also supported.
Several kinds Application development I propose & create and do application united with the visitor's needs.
Business-use Web application development It corresponds at i-Cynap,Inc. until it results in large-scale dynamic company Paige and WebGIS as well as a general homepage.
Business-use portable application development Business Brew、It corresponds from development of i-mode application to iPhone and Android.
Sound associated equipment ・Development of application Recording of announcement narration ・BGM、Manufacture of a sound effect, etc. Acoustic analysis、Noise treatment system 、Manufacture of hardware software, such as a speaker, based on a new theory.
A museum, exhibition systems development Panorama contents etc. offer a plan and manufacture of the multimedia showpiece for museums.
Power line carrier system The data communications using a power line became a system requiring prior government approval.
The existing apartment is provided with communication exceeding 100Mbps.
Please use, when wiring at every house is difficult.
Broader-based radio service system It is a public-wireless-LAN system for careers.
It realizes by connecting by the fixed amount system by ADSL or an optical fiber.
Unauthorized radio and permission radio are used about a use frequency band.
VoIP allied products Telephone call and packet data communications are also in the time of a fixed amount system! It is a VoIP telephone using the fixed amount data communications independent of a career.
PHS and the wireless LAN card of CF size can be inserted and used. When 64K bps cannot be secured, at least 32K bps of the e-mail and the messengers who do not affect use can be used.
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