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Anywhere temperature difference power generation

You can find a variety of heat sources When I looked your life.
Hot thing, automobile and motorcycle engine, kitchen gas stove, is surprisingly many things such as the bath after use. Cold ones, tap water (groundwater), there air, Where is surprisingly little feel? But air even.
Temperature difference will be able to generate power occur when combining the hot ones and the cold ones. Upon exiting the city, asphalt road that is said to cause the heat island, air conditioning of waste heat, the building of the outer wall and the roof, factories and steel mills, as well, such as waste heat that can be discarded without being used, such as a thermal power plant in the air and the temperature difference power generation use you can.
Summer of the road, the roof will be very hot, there is also more hot volcano, but slightly change the water temperature of the sea water and the river, you can use the low temperature side in a stable manner. When power generation using this temperature difference. If it has been studied for many years.
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※i-Cynap we have joint research and Takefuji professor of Keio University that has been introduced in the door of a dream the temperature difference power generation.Keio University Takefuji laboratory

▼Appearance of palm generation of Takefuji Professor

Temperature difference power generation, power generation element (thermoelectric conversion element)

Temperature difference power generation Seebeck effect (1821, Seebeck discovered German scientist) is a mechanism that uses.
Seebeck effect is what utilizes the fact that heat and current generates a one by joining two kinds of metals.
In full-scale use has been for the NASA's planetary exploration satellite Voyager, it was generated by the temperature difference between the cold of fever and space of nuclear power.
What everyone familiar of by applying this principle there is a Peltier element or warmed or cooled by flowing a current.
Peltier element has been used automotive and refrigerators, the wine refrigerator. Power generation element and a Peltier element some material to be used is different only in the same thing.
To the temperature difference power generation detailed page

Structure of power generation element
  • Structure of power generation element This is the power generation element
  • Structure of power generation element I tried to peek through the broken element.
  • Structure of power generation element Dice-shaped P-type and N-type elements are lined in series connection in.
  • Structure of power generation element Looking at the cross section can be observed is the state of being connected alternately arranged.
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