The technology and security used as the base of ubiquitous society are supported.i-Cynap,Co.LTD.


I broad support from hardware to software. Mass production from the prototype, meets the needs of the partner companies and customers to business system.
※ Because it is unsung hero, can not be published at all, but there is something like this.

  • Joint development
  • Sheet you have laid between watermelon gate is the "power floor" devices.
    The principle is the point to storage efficiently in an application of the PZT. It is housed in the base portion of the display device was installed on the right-hand side.
  • Joint development
  • TV is a system that has been introduced as "IT scarecrow" in the trend eggs in Tokyo program WBS.
    It consists of a location information system and a server system equipped in a vehicle to provide data on the IT scarecrow (display apparatus which is installed in the home).
    Terminal position information is installed on the back of the place that is written, Kururi Line on a yellow background of the train.
  • Joint development
  • Adopted WindowsCE to a dedicated terminal of To-nai, to use a Web camera or VoIP.
    Construction, including the TV telephone health consultation such as the back-end of the mechanism by the system.
    Fire special criteria No. 220 corresponding (Nohmi Bosai)

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