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第4回 IoT/M2M展 春 アイ・サイナップ出展ブース:西3-21

Synapse series of i-Cynap

  • 4G LTE Life Telemetering Stations:Life Ts
  • 4G LTE Life Telemetering Stations:Life Ts

    Life Ts is the board that can carry 4G LTE communication module of KDDI Corporation. Life Ts is same size as Raspberry Pi and unified with Raspberry Pi.

    Therefore,you can use general-purpose OS and languages in Raspberry Pi.
    By using Life Ts ,you can connect with the latest services such as "M2M cloud services" of KDDI.
    Life TS aims at making the unmanned use. Therefore an obstacle monitoring function is strengthened.

  • BLE Pico1
  • BLE Pico1

    BLE Pico1 is the board which carried a small sensor unit using Bluetooth Low Energy of the Bluetooth 4.0 standard.
    Life Ts collects sensor information from BLE Pico1, and the data are seen by "KDDI M2M cloud service"
    You can separate a Bluetooth part and the sensor part. So if you used point-sensors, you can make more smaller. devices.

  • Ultra Sonic beacon device
  • Ultra Sonic beacon device

    This is the device which can set up service "Air Stamp" of NTT-Docomo , in existing facilities.
    Generally, the acquisition of the positional information uses GPS, but at the place where GPS does not reach. ,we use WiFi. Or we may use the electric wave including Bluetooth.

    The sound wave does not depend on a kind and the version of OS.
    This device may be used in Train information of Yamanote Line in future. We expect the use of this device will spread.

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