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From the previous 5 years we have paid the in-vehicle device to the railway company.
CDMA, we've quickly realized 4GLTE correspondence with the development of FOMA and communication technology.
Since it has abundant reserves the know-how, such as control of the communication unit you will find the power of everyone

※ part of the foundation you will be hidden because there is a case that contains the part related to the confidentiality agreement.
※ 4GLTE communication from the sensor to the Synapse, it is the name of the service that provides up to cloud server in one-stop.

The current
  • 4GLTE corresponding Synapse4GLTE corresponding Synapse
  • BLE Pico1 SynapseBLE Pico1 Synapse
  • iPad mini Business systemiPad mini Business system
Years ago
  • CDMA1 correspondenceCDMA1 correspondence
  • FOMA correspondenceFOMA correspondence
  • Ultra Sonic beaconUltra Sonic beacon

Prototype variousPrototype various

5 years ago
  • The first car transfer deviceThe first car transfer device
  • New flat speakerNew flat speaker
  • Outdoor ICTOutdoor ICT
  • Temperature difference power generationTemperature difference power generation
Founded period
  • Power generation floorPower generation floor
  • 3D imaging system3D imaging system
  • Felica buried tagFelica buried tag
  • Mobile TorerokeMobile Toreroke

    IT Mansion terminalIT Mansion terminal

  • Ganso own take videoGanso own take video

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